Luggage Tag Escort Cards

Are you planning a destination or travel-themed wedding? Have you selected escort cards or a way to inform guests to which table they have been assigned? I chose luggage tag escort cards for my destination wedding. After creating a seating arrangement, I ordered leather luggage tags from Porter Leather. Then I brought the luggage tags, along… Continue reading Luggage Tag Escort Cards

Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is next week! What are your dinner plans? If you’re hosting, you may be stressed out about how to decorate your table. Don’t worry- you can find items from around your home or local grocery store to spruce up a standard dinner table. Always keep in mind that you can never go wrong with candles and flowers. I’m… Continue reading Happy (Almost) Thanksgiving

Pièce Montée (A.K.A. Croquembouche)

The pièce montée, also known as the croquembouche, is a French wedding tradition. This dessert consists of many choux (or pastry puffs) shaped into a design, usually a tower. Each choux is stuffed with a flavored cream, such as chocolate, vanilla, or praline. The dessert has started to become more popular in the States for special events, especially… Continue reading Pièce Montée (A.K.A. Croquembouche)

Succulent Gifts

Succulents are growing in popularity; even my Mom recently mentioned she likes bridal bouquets with succulents. I believe this trend must be pretty popular because my Mom doesn’t use Pinterest, nor any other social media platform. But I also really love succulents for housewarming or even Mother’s Day gifts! For Mother’s Day last year, I gave my Mom succulents in a heart-shaped… Continue reading Succulent Gifts