Pièce Montée (A.K.A. Croquembouche)

The pièce montée, also known as the croquembouche, is a French wedding tradition. This dessert consists of many choux (or pastry puffs) shaped into a design, usually a tower. Each choux is stuffed with a flavored cream, such as chocolate, vanilla, or praline. The dessert has started to become more popular in the States for special events, especially … More Pièce Montée (A.K.A. Croquembouche)

Succulent Gifts

Succulents are growing in popularity; even my Mom recently mentioned she likes bridal bouquets with succulents. I believe this trend must be pretty popular because my Mom doesn’t use Pinterest, nor any other social media platform. But I also really love succulents for housewarming or even Mother’s Day gifts! For Mother’s Day last year, I gave my Mom succulents in a heart-shaped … More Succulent Gifts