Welcome Bags for a Bachelorette Weekend

Now that you have the bachelorette weekend planned for the bride-to-be, it’s time to get the festivities started with welcome bags filled with fun goodies. First you’ll want to find some cute bags and name tags.


Photo: A Little Slice of Swank

I love filling bachelorette welcome bags with matching gear for the bridesmaids and bride to wear. If the bride doesn’t want anything phallic, there are plenty of other options. You could give the bride a bachelorette sash with a crown and the bridesmaids could wear matching hats and sunglasses. The options are endless, some other items you could purchase for the bride and bridesmaids include necklaces, t-shirts, scarves, temporary jewelry tattoos, or boas.


Photo: Preparewear via Etsy

Then don’t forget to add a hangover kit with Advil, water, and Tums. I always love some snacks, for example these champagne flavored gummy bears. Another nice touch would be to add something local. For a Washington, D.C. celebration, I’d recommend nail polish from Blu Ink, coffee and mugs from Compass Coffee, or Capital Kombucha.


Photo: UpOut

Spice up the welcome bags and bachelorette weekend with dare cards. And don’t forget to have a great time with your girlfriends! Take advantage of so much girl time and girl talk.


Photo: Stag and Hen


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