Bachelorette Party Ideas in Washington, D.C.

About a year ago, I had an incredible bachelorette weekend in Washington, D.C. with my my friends who traveled far (and locally) to come and celebrate with me. This had me thinking, a year later, about some fun bachelorette options in the District.

Once you have a weekend booked and the number of guests and per person budget are set, choose a theme to determine your activities and weekend plans.

The Best Party Ideas in Washington, D.C.

Spa and Relax: Book massages and manicures for an afternoon at Nusta Spa (my favorite spa in the District).  Or stay at the W hotel and request a room with a view of the Washington Monument and book an afternoon at the Bliss Spa, located in the hotel. After spending quality time at the spa, enjoy a nice tapas dinner at Estadio or just order room service. Then play some games such as “21 questions.” Before the bachelorette weekend, send the groom a list of questions (for example: what is your favorite late-night snack?) and ask the bride the same questions. For every question the bride gets wrong, she takes a sip of her drink.


Wine and Dine: Rent a limo and go wine tasting in Virginia for the day. When you get back to the District, enjoy a lovely dinner at The Red Hen, where you can load up on carbs and continuing drinking wine. If your bride prefers beer, there are brewery tours available in Washington, D.C. You can customize the tour based on your budget and the bride’s preference.


Wild Night Out: Start the party early with a private pole dancing class at Jordin’s Paradise. Then take a break for dinner at a restaurant that’s great for large groups, such as Bus Boys and Poets. Get ready to party hard at La Boum Boum Room located in the L’Enfant Cafe. Cell phones aren’t allowed so it might not be the best option for the group that wants to document everything. But it’s a blast and an experience worth trying for the fun and adventurous. The party is a mix of dancing, entertainment, and burlesque.


Museums: With so many free museums in the district, the possibilities are endless. Some museums, for example the National Gallery of Art, will let you book private tours. Stick with words that start with the letter “m” and drink plenty of mimosas. The bottomless mimosa brunch options are also endless. One of my personal favorite all-you-can-eat and all-you-can-drink: Masa 14.


Sporty Spice: For the sporty bride, there are many fun things to do indoor or outdoor all year long. In the summer, you could go kayaking on the Potomac or paddle boating in the Tidal Basin. In the winter, you could ice skating or go indoor rock climbing. If the bride is also very health conscientious, order catering from Chaia (a vegetarian taco “stand”). However, if everyone works up a big appetite with all the activity, another great restaurant is Hill Country BBQ.



Creative (Arts&Crafts): One of my favorite creative activities in this city is painting while drinking wine at Art Jamz. You can book private events here. Other possibilities include a floral arranging or a cooking class. The crafty bride would probably enjoy going out on 14th Street NW or the Shaw neighborhood.  Bar Pilar on 14th Street is a great place to start or Mockingbird Hill in Shaw.


Burlesque: Enjoy dinner with a show. I’ve never been, but I’ve heard great things about dinner and live entertainment at SAX. They describe themselves as “An opulent restaurant and lounge where you can dine on contemporary French-American cuisine while enjoying choreographed dance sets and aerialists. SAX late night transforms with live DJs, VIP bottle service and sophisticated live entertainment.”  



America’s Paris: Is your bride a francophile? Washington was designed by a French architect, Pierre Charles L’Enfant, and there is plenty to do in this city that’s inspired by the city of love. There are many French-speaking expats living in the District and there are many French cultural events (click here to see the upcoming cultural events). If there are no cultural events worth attending, you could see French Opera or go for a walking tour and learn about the historic French influence in our nation’s capital. For dinner and the ambiance, head to Bistrot Du Coin.

French Themed Bachelorette.jpg

Whatever party you choose, it should end with the bride looking very pleased (and needing sunglasses and a bottle of Advil). Now go celebrate and have fun!

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