Cookie Decorating Party Inspiration

Guess what? You too can host a cookie decorating party anytime of the year for any age group. I recently hosted a Sunday afternoon cookie decorating party for adults.

First, I cut a photo booth backdrop into placements (13 x 17 inches). You could use any decorative paper and make it into a table cloth or placements. Then I placed magazines on top of the paper to keep it flat.


I selected some delicious toppings from the grocery and arranged them in a cupcake baking sheet.



I have to admit that I took a shortcut and purchased Annie’s Organic Chocolate Chunk Cookie and Vanilla Sugar Bake & Share Cookie Dough. I baked the cookies in advance and added the following items to the tabletop: frosting (of various colors), wine, wine glasses, water glasses, flowers (for decor), napkins, plates, spoons, and knives.

Everyone had a great time chatting while getting creative with their own masterpiece.

Final Cookie plate




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