Pancakes and Booze

Thursday night a friend of mine brought me to a very fun event called Pancakes and Booze. In summary: it’s an art show with booze, pancakes, and a DJ!


Photo courtesy of pancakes and booze. 

The show travels around the country and features artists local to your area. You can also purchase art during the show.  Some great Washington artists I met during the event include ATypical Notion, Alecia Renece, Janie Was Here, Jacob Cordell, My BlokheadLvon Yoder, and Sara O’Connor. Some of the artists, like O’Connor, were working during the show. I love seeing art in action; I’m always inspired to make (elementary) art myself.

To see if Pancakes and Booze is hosting an event near you, take a look at their Facebook page. Here are some more of my favorite images:




Now I’m inspired to host my own pancakes and booze party …



One thought on “Pancakes and Booze

  1. Thank you for the great shoutout! I linked the article on my Facebook page and jokingly told my friends you must have thought I was fighting robots (Sara Connor = Terminator) when you accidentally dropped the ” O’ ” in O’Connor. Thank you so much for the praise, and I cannot wait to be back in D.C.!

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