Holiday Table Setting

For the holidays, my husband received a gift card to Honeybaked Ham and I received a gift card to Giant. We decided to combine our gift cards and invited some friends over for a festive dinner.

I was, of course, excited about the menu and decorating. I set the table before starting to prep dinner. My husband loves the colors black and red and I added a pop of silver to make it more festive. I started with a punch bowl and filled it with with silver Christmas balls from CVS. Then I added fun and festive silver crackers from Costco.  Crackers are a British tradition and each one contains a paper crown, a small gift and sometimes a joke or riddle.



The first course was a beet salad with red quinoa and goat cheese. With the ham main dish, we served greens beans and honeynut squash & apple. I discovered the honeynut squash recipe from Blue Apron; it’s a great dish for the fall! We also enjoyed fresh rolls from Honeybaked Ham. A good time was had by all. Happy Holidays!


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