White Elephant Gift Idea

My colleagues and I recently enjoyed a white elephant luncheon. $10 was the recommended price, but I spent closer to $25. It was worth going over budget; I had a lot of fun online shopping and wrapping my gift.

The first step was picking a prank box. There are a lot of hilarious options online, including an earwax candle kit. I chose the nap sack:

The real gift I placed inside the prank box was a 3-in-1 phone lens. To fill up the rest of the prank box, I individually wrapped desserts from Trader Joes. I would have been a little closer to the budget if I filled the rest of prank box with tissue.


I’ve been wanting a 3-in-1 phone lens so I purchased a set for myself. I’m a big fan of the wide angle lens. Here’s a before and after using a wide angle phone lens (images taken with an IPhone 6):

In case you’re wondering appearance and size of the lens, I took a picture of the wide angle lens clipped onto the phone and camera (IPhone 6 not included).


Happy shopping!





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