Holiday Gifts For Her (With Sona Design)

My friend, Jillian, is following her dreams. She has an excellent eye for design and she’s making beautiful bangle bracelets and scarves in a country full of color, India. Today I wanted to highlight her story and incredible Etsy store, Sona Design. If you’re looking for a holiday gift for an important woman in your life, click here to browse Sona Design’s store. And keep scrolling to read Jillian’s awesome story.


“Thank you so much for stopping by my shop and taking time to get to know me. I am an American who recently married a handsome Punjabi man. Living in Punjab I am learning culture, traditions, and language. Punjabi is a Sona language. You might be asking yourself, what is Sona and why does she keep using that word? Sona, is the Punjabi word for beautiful. I knew I had to name my business after it as my husband calls me Sona quite frequently and it is very endearing to hear. We are in our late twenties and it seems everyone we know (including ourselves) is getting married. All of my friends and family are constantly making new outfits and designs to be in the most high end, luxurious, expensive, and Sona Saree or Langa at these functions. I have always had a passion for designing outfits and accessorizing them. Everyone began to notice my designs and passion for making Sona bangles and asked if i could start helping them complete their outfits. My bangle designs are unique and personalized for each outfit. My goal is to make something so Sona it makes my customers feel like a Queen. I hope you LOVE my custom made bangle designs and scarves! I hope it is the perfect touch to make your high end and luxurious look very Sona!” ~ Jillian Singh


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