Personalized Welcome Bags

Personalized bags are a really nice touch to welcome your wedding guests. Since we had a destination wedding, our guests were pleased to have snacks and a guidebook of the area. We also gave the bags to our vendors as an extra “thank you.” Our guests and vendors also enjoyed goodies from all over the world packaged inside the welcome bags.


Photo: La Paire de Cerises

If you would like to paint your own welcome bags, it’s very simple once you purchase the necessary supplies. I purchased the bags online and the painting supplies from Michaels.

Once I had the supplies (including a mask), I created a template of the town name I wanted on the front of the bags. Then I cutout the letters from a piece of card stock. I placed a piece of foam board inside the bag to keep the paint from bleeding through the bag. Next, I placed my template on top of the bag and weighed it down with ceramic tiles. The rest of the bag was covered by extra card stock.

If you already have too many DIY projects, you can order whatever name and color you would like on your welcome bags and I’ll create them for you. Simply visit my Etsy shop and you can focus on filling your welcome bags.





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