Shopping For Wedding Dresses


I planned events and weddings, but I had never been wedding dress shopping until 2015.

I did a little research first before going wedding dress shopping and after experiencing the entire process, I have a five tips:

  1. Book your wedding venue and make it official by signing a contract. The venue and wedding theme may have an effect on the style of dress. Maybe you don’t want a large ballgown for a beach wedding.  Even though I loved my wedding dress, I wish I had given myself a little more time before purchasing my dress. I ended up changing my wedding venue shortly after purchasing my dress.
  2. The next step is to decide an overall budget for the gown. When you finalize a budget for your dress, keep in mind all of the additional costs. For example, most fingertip-length veils start around $200. I was honestly a little shocked when I spent over $600 on dress alterations. If you wish to clean and preserve the dress after your wedding, this process may cost upwards of $300. It adds up quickly!
  3. Now that you’re ready to go wedding dress shopping, have an open mind and take your time (as long as you start the process early). Try on all types of silhouettes and don’t feel pressured to settle on one of the first few dresses you try. Don’t be afraid to take additional trips to the wedding dress salon solo, just as long as you take pictures to admire later.
  4. Speaking of pictures, take pictures of every dress. Move around in the dress (ex: dance and sit) while taking the pictures. The way you look in the mirror might be different than the way you look in a photograph. Take time to admire and digest the pictures. Remember, you will want to love your wedding pictures for years to come.
  5. Have fun! You’re going to marry the love of your life and you will end up loving your wedding dress because it’s a reminder of very special day.

Side note: I had a destination wedding and I took my dress with me as a carry on item. My dress was well cared for and hung in first class by the flight attendants. If you are planning a destination wedding, travel with your dress as a carry on and use the original hanger that came with the dress. Decorative hangers you can purchase on Etsy are very pretty, but not functional.


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