Jewelry Making Class

Are you looking for something to do indoors during this cold winter? What about making your own jewelry?

I recently created my own set of earrings and necklace when I took a jewelry-making class at Beadazzled. I arrived at the store and I was dazzled by all the beautiful beads.



After looking around for a while, I chose a strand of beads that looked like pearls and statement beads in the same color scheme. I was then ready for the class with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher.

First we learned about the importance of the tools you’ll need.


Once you have the proper tools, you’re ready to begin beading your necklace (starting with the center).


Jewelry making is a lot of fun, but I strongly recommend taking a class so you can learn more about the tools and techniques you’ll need. Once you have a few techniques mastered, you’ll be ready to make jewelry at home. After you’re done, you’ll look as happy as me with your new set of jewelry:



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