Review of DC Cruises

Last week a friend of mine very kindly invited me for a moonlight cruise along the Potomac. We had a wonderful Thursday evening, viewing the monuments at night from the river.

We begun the cruise from the Georgetown waterfront at 7pm and we were able to see a gorgeous sunset as the cruise begun. The entire cruise only took an hour and there was some historical facts announced that I had never heard before, even though I’ve lived in DC for six years. Whither you live in DC or you’re just visiting, I strongly recommend making a quick stop by the Georgetown waterfront for a short, refreshing, and educational cruise. And purchase your tickets in advance here.

If you’re looking for something a little less educational, there are also pirate cruises available.  Most people that purchase the pirate cruise tickets get dressed up and drink a lot on the boat. If that sounds like something you’d prefer, you can purchase tickets here.

Either way, I suggest you enjoy some time on the water before it gets too cold!


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