My boyfriend and I recently hosted some friends for a casual night of chocolate fondue and Pictionairy. (I’ll write about chocolate fondue in my next post).

Since one of the guests was not fluent in English (and I don’t speak French), I decided Pictionairy would be the best option for entertainment. Our guests had a lot of fun, yelling out words in English and French. Adults of all ages would enjoy playing this game, even if they have the ease of using one language.

How I set up Pictionary at home:

I used my painting easel as the base to hold an easel pad. I split everyone into two teams (men vs. women), for a total of four people on each team. The women won, of course.


When it was someone’s turn to draw (the teams alternated sending someone to the easel pad), they used this link on my iPad to pick a category and generate a new word.

Each category had a different point value. Easy was 1 point, medium was 5 points, hard was 10 points, very hard was 15 points, and characters/movies were 7.

While drawing images that resembled the word, you were not allowed to talk nor write numbers or letters. But we did allow Roman numeral numbers, which helped me win a point.

You only have one minute to draw while your team makes guesses. If your team didn’t pick the correct word within the minute, the artist must stop. Then the opposing team has one minute to guess and earn the full points.

Let the games begin!


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