Buffet Height

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently hosted a very small holiday party for friends. We ate delicious apple cider donuts while sipping on hot apple cider. I wanted to make the buffet look more appealing so I added buffet height.

Adding height to a buffet is really important. This creates more space on the table and is aesthetically pleasing. There are many other reasons for adding height to a buffet so I will give you some cheap and easy tips so you can do this at home when you want to entertain friends.


Building this elevated tray was really simple. On top of the platter below you could display a tower of cookies or donuts, for example.


To create this look, simply stuff a flower vase with something seasonal (such as mini candy canes), flip over the vase, and place a platter on top. I recommend using the same material (ex: glass vase and glass platter).


Here is another example of how I used the same material for the base and platter:



In the pictures above the base (or ramekin) is made out of ceramic as well as the platter.

Another way to create buffet height is to take any kind of box, including egg cartons, and hide them under the table cloth. You can then place platters on top the table cloth and over the various boxes.

Just take a look around your house and see what you can flip over to use as a stand for various platters. Or if the base is not appealing (such as an egg carton), simply hide it under a table cloth. And your guests will be pleased and entertained by your creativity.



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