Candle Making

Now is the time to make candles, either to give as gifts or to decorate your house (or an event) during the holiday season. So I went to a candle-making class at Living Social to learn some helpful hints. 


The class was led by Kimberly Wheeling, CEO & Founder of Khreativ Soy Kandles, LLC. She uses soy to make her candles organic and eco-friendly. Soy candles are great for many reasons, including having a shelf life of up to three years! So here is what you will need to make a soy candle:

Pouring Pot, 8 oz Jar, Thermometer, 1/3 lb Soy Container Wax, (1) 6 inch Wick, 1 Wick Bar, 3/4 oz Fragrance Oil, 1 Plastic Spoon, Paper Towel

You can purchase all these supplies from Lonestar Candle Supply. If you want to make a bigger candle, make sure the wax to fragrance ratio is always the same (1 lb wax: 1 oz fragrance). Also, you can use almost any household item (such as teacups) for your jar. But don’t use thin glass because it will crack when you pour in the hot, melted wax.

Once you have everything you need, follow these steps:

1. Wipe out the jar you picked with a paper towel.

2. Stick the wick stickum to the bottom of the wick and then adhere the wick to the bottom center of the candle.

3. Turn on a burner (or your stove) to medium high and heat the soy wax in a pouring pot.


4. Allow the wax to reach 180 degrees F (which will take about 5 to 10 minutes). Turn off the flame and remove the pot. It’s OK if you still have some wax flakes in the pouring pot.

5. Take the wick bar and place it on the rim of the jar. Push the wick in the middle groove.


6. Add 3/4 oz fragrance oil to the wax and stir 20 times around with the plastic spoon.

7. Allow the wax to cool to 170 degrees.

8. Pour the wax into the jar (with the wick). Leave some space at the top; don’t pour the wax all the way (see picture below).


9. Allow the wax to harden (about 30 minutes).

10. Clip the wick to 1/4 inch.

Then light the candle anytime after 24 hours and enjoy!


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