Free Gin and Beer Tasting In NE, DC

On Saturday, I sampled some delicious gin and beer that is distilled and brewed right here in DC!

My friends and I started our tasting at Green Hat Gin (located at 1832 Fenwick St. NE). Since I am not familiar with this part of DC and we were drinking, I ordered an Uber car to take us there and pick us up.

At Green Hat Gin, we sampled their original and seasonal gins before beginning our fantastic tour.


(Note: the picture above displays all the spices added to the original Green Hat gin during the distillation process)

One of the distillery co-owners began his very detailed tour by showing us the local grains they use to make their gin. He let us sample the local and fresh grain, which was delicious. Then he explained the entire distilling process in a simplified way that I could understand.


After our tour of Green Hat Gin, we walked a few blocks to Atlas Brew Works. As soon as we arrived at Atlas Brew Works, we were each given four drink tickets. With my drink tickets, I got to try all of their fantastic beers: District Common, Saison, Rowdy, and NSFW. I enjoyed all the brews, from the lightest to the darkest.

On the tour, I unfortunately couldn’t hear anything because there was a lot of background noise (especially from the people drinking in the warehouse). But I still enjoyed the atmosphere. In fact, we even played a round of corn hole after our tour!

If you’re in the DC area, I recommend stopping by Grin Hat and Atlas Brew Works on a Saturday afternoon (tours are available from 1pm to 4pm).

If you live elsewhere, search for tours of breweries, distilleries, and wineries in your area. You may be surprised by the random warehouse nearby!


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