Create Your Own Wedding Planning Binder

Did you attempt to start planning your wedding, but you don’t know where to start? You’ve come to the right place.

Time to book your venue (for both the ceremony and reception) and put together your wedding binder.

When I plan a special event, I use my handy dandy Martha Stewart binder. But the most important part of my binder: the tabs. To get started, below are some ideas for tab categories.


I don’t have one in my binder, but having a visual of the year doesn’t hurt.

Business Cards

I put each vendor’s business card in a clear holder, as you can see here:


Overall Timeline

One of the first tasks you should complete in planning any special event: writing a detailed timeline. This timeline will include each task you need to complete, the due date, and whom is responsible.

Day of Itinerary

Once your overall event timeline is complete, create an agenda for the day of your special event. This agenda should list everything from when the vendors will arrive to when the gifts are delivered to the bride and groom’s hotel room.

Ceremony Tab

This should include contact information for everyone in the wedding party, vows, ceremony location, processional and recessional order, music, confetti and transportation to and from the ceremony.


Make sure to include the contact information and contract for each vendor including: the entertainment, flowers, caterer, venue, hotel, photographer, and videographer.

Hotel / Room Block

If you plan to book a hotel room block for your guests, make sure to play close attention to your hotel contract (especially the attrition rate section). And read my post about wedding crashers.

Arrivals / Depatures

If you’ve offered to book anyone’s travel, make sure to keep track!


No event planner / bride can forget about the budget. Make sure to frequent this tab and stay on track. Always ask vendors about additional costs, including tips and service fees.


Use this tab to keep an excel spreadsheet of all invited and RSVP’d guests.

Guest Book, Favors, And Inspriation

Track various ideas or guest books and favors (if applicable). And keep magazine pictures for inspiration and to show your vendors.

And don’t forget: always carry a notepad



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