What To Serve In A Bar

Do you have a tight budget? Or are you just trying to figure out what to serve at the bar for your event?

Either way, the options are almost unlimited (depending on how tight your purse strings).

For anyone with an extremely tight budget, I recommend buying your own drinks to compose a very simple beer, wine, soda bar. Order three different types of beers and at least one red and one white wine. Also, make sure you have a few sodas and water available by request. Here’s an example:


If you’re purchasing your own alcohol, don’t be afraid to order more than necessary and make sure to hire a friend or professional bartender. The bar could get really messy if guests serve themselves. Also, don’t forget to order a dark linen on the bar; drinks will spill!

And if you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, you should also provide a signature cocktail.

If you have a larger budget, I strongly suggest working with a catering company and ordering a full open bar (with beer, wine, soda, and mixed drinks). Let the catering company do all the work, from ordering the proper amount of drinks to setting up the bar and chilling the beverages (which takes at least a couple of hours).


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