D.C. Museums to Instagram

Earlier this week I mentioned that I was thankful for the chance to continually explore Washington, D.C. If you’re interested in burning off those extra slices of turkey (or pumpkin pie) and you don’t want to go Black Friday shopping, I recommend walking around some museums and taking pictures to share on Instagram. My favorite D.C. museums for… Continue reading D.C. Museums to Instagram

Happy Thanksgiving from Charlottesville (Virginia)!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with their family and/or friends! The highlight of my day was taking a behind the scenes house tour of Monticello, the primary plantation of Thomas Jefferson. What an interesting way to reflect on American history during an American holiday! Jefferson was a complex man, with many conflicting ideas. He remodeled his… Continue reading Happy Thanksgiving from Charlottesville (Virginia)!


No better reminder this holiday season than to LOVE. I hope everyone has a wonderful week and Thanksgiving with their family and/or friends.  My husband and I spent some time this past weekend, exploring our city. We found this modern sign in the National Sculpture Garden. (Stay tuned for more on the blog later this week). A couple… Continue reading Love